Minneapolis River Parkways

The trails located on the east and west banks of the Mississippi River that extend into St. Paul are a great play area for walking, taking a bike ride, going for a run, rollerblading, and whatever else there is to do! These trails lead to many great things! A few of my favorites are running the bridges, walking my pups around stone arch, hitting up Izzy’s ice cream, sitting on a patio getting some drinks and food at one of the restaurants along the river! There is so much going on in this area no matter the day or time! It’s a great spot to hangout on a nice day where you have an endless list of options from exercising to drinking to eating! They keep up with the trails very well so it’s clean and pretty so not only do you have great views of the city but also the area around you! My favorite bike ride to do is starting downtown and making my way down the West River parkway and take a pit stop to visit the witch’s hat tower for some great views of the city. I then head back on East River parkway to finish up with more great views of the city across the stone arch bridge!