Dog Parks

I have too fluff balls that I love more then life so I clearly have to find all the dog hoppin’ spots in town so let’s start with dog parks! Below I have listed some of the main dog parks but I need your help to fill us all in on the deets of your favorite parks and I will add them to the list so we can make it bigger! On a side note everyone is required to obtain a off-leash park permit ( and Minneapolis pet license ( for these off leash dog parks! Click the links above and get them signed up so your pups can join in on the fun!

Off-Leash Dog Parks (require off-leash permit)

Gateway Park – 4th Ave. S. Between 10th & 11th St. S.

North Loop Park – 3rd St. N. & 8th Ave. N.

St. Anthony Parkway – 700 St. Anthony Parkway across from the Training Center

Franklin Terrace – 925 Franklin Terrace

Lake of the Isles – 2845 E. Lake of the Isles Parkway

Loring Park – Near Maple St. and Harmon Place

Lyndale Farmstead – 3845 Dupont Avenue South

Minnehaha Park – 4801 South Minnehaha Park Drive

Victory Prairie – 4701 Russell Avenue North

My two favorites are Lake of the Isles & Minnehaha Park!

Lake of the Isles has two big areas one for large dogs and one for small dogs which is nice to have the separation of your smaller pup is timid around the large dogs going crazy and running around like they’ve never been outside before!

Minnehaha Park has a 6.6 acre riverfront recreation area that has trails where dogs can run if they have the required permits! It’s very pretty and my pup love playing in the water!

(But mom I don’t want to leave the dog park… can we please go back! )

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