Sip Coffeebar

Sip Coffeebar has got it made! They have every type of dink you could dream of and more! From all organic coffee drinks & specialty drinks to smoothies & superfood juices! I’m most impressed with their specialty drinks because they have quite a few that I’ve not seen anywhere else! Their tea selection is fabulous too. I love their red latte which is made from red espresso that comes from rooibos tea which is packed with antioxidants! As if that isn’t enough they also have baked goods that are absolutely delicious! They have a wide variety of muffins, scones, coffee cake, bars, cookies and pastries! Their kitchen makes all their baked goods from scratch every morning to ensure they are fresh and made to par! Impressive right!

They also so kindly included us gluten free peeps in on the fun and carries a wide selection of gfree goodies from my favorite gfree bakery, Sift!

The list goes on! They also have a breakfast and lunch menu! They have two different soups daily that are fresh and oh so yummy! They also have delicious salads and sandwiches! If you are ever feeling like a soup and salad that’s fresh and tasty hit up Sip Coffeebar as it’s the perfect place for just that!

located at: 34 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413