Dog Friendly Coffee Shops

Grab your pup and start out your day by showing them some love they deserve! Start out by envying a nice little walk and then hit one of these coffee shops that will beg for you to bring in your little four legged friend! Now that sounds like a good way to start any morning! When my pup hears the word coffee he starts jumping for joy because he knows a walk is associated with it! I mean lets get real.. he clearly is just really excited to spend time with his mama… rightttt!?

Claddagh Coffee

459 7th St W

St Paul, MN 55102

Dunn Brothers

337 Washington Ave N

Minneapolis, MN 55401

In the Loop Coffee Company

708 N 1st St

Minneapolis, MN 55401

Glam Doll Donuts and Coffee

519 Central Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413

Back to talking about my pup… sorry I’m clearly a little obsessed! But not only does my dog know the word coffee he also knows the word Starbucks! He’s a clever little dude! The reason behind this is because Starbucks have cappuccinos for dogs! They call them puppuccinos or pup cups!

We will continue to add places as we find them!

If I am missing any dog diggity spots that you know of be sure to comment below so we can get it added to the list! Don’t be scared to yap in and tell us which one of these legendary coffee shops you and your pup love most!

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