Pumphouse Creamery

For some odd reason my boyfriend is obsessed with Superman ice cream…. weird I know! Out of all the flavors he picks the one that tastes like artificially flavored vanilla and turns your mouth oddly colors! Let’s face it, he’s still a child at heart and is attached to it because of its name or because of the vibrant colors! Any who we searched high and low for it… clearly it’s not a favorite of many! We finally came across it at this little ice cream shop called pumphouse creamery! My lack of excitement didn’t last long and turned into pure happiness once I saw these two little words…


Apparently ice cream dreams do come true! All you lovers of ice cream out there, this ones for you! Kick the stress of picking one flavor aside because ice cream floats have come to the rescue and you now get to have best of all worlds and experience the delight of four flavors at pumphouse creamery!

Check this adorable little ice cream shop out and your ice cream dreams will suddenly come true!

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