Dog Friendly Breweries

Lets talk dog friendly breweries here! As a dog owner one of the worst things is leaving your house and the last thing you see are those sad little puppy eyes because the pup clearly doesn’t want to be left alone! Well I’m here to help and fill ya in with all the dog friendly breweries! Dogs and beer… life can’t get much better then that! All dogs matter so small or big, furry or not, grab your pup to join in on the fun!

  • Modist Brewing Company
  • Able Seedhouse & Brewery
  • Lakes & Legends Brewing Company
  • 56 Brewing
  • 612 Brew
  • Bad Weather Brewing (St. Paul)
  • Bauhaus Brew Labs
  • Clockwerks Brewing
  • Excelsior Brewing Co.
  • Fair State Brewing
  • Fulton Beer
  • Headflyer Brewing
  • Inbound Brewco
  • Indeed Brewing Company

If I am missing any dog diggity spots be sure to comment below so we can get it added to the list! Don’t be scared to yap in and tell us which one of these legendary breweries you and your pup love most!

2 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Breweries

  1. These are pretty Twin Cities specific breweries, but if you head out of town, Duluth is full of Dog Friendly breweries! Canal Park Brewing Co is a great place to see the lake and have your dogs with while you have a beer. Our dogs basically live at 56 Brewing! Cheers.

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