Coco & Fig

Lets get real and talk about one of my biggest guilty pleasures… Alright I know what you might be thinking but don’t get to far ahead of yourselves! I’m talking food here!   Macaroons hold one of the top spots on  my guilty pleasures list! I may be a little obsessed, and by obsessed I mean I’m “that girl” that orders macaroons from New York just so I can get my fix on some decent macs! This doesn’t come cheap so I decided to set out on a mission;

Mission Find best macaroon place in Minny STAT!

After exhausting myself with macaroons that didn’t quite live up to the hype I finally stumbled upon a pleasant surprise and just like that my mission was complete! Coco and Fig for the win!

For the gluten free peeps out there Coco & Fig has a great variety of other treats besides macs that are gluten free!

PS. They have macaroon ice cream sandwiches that are!