The Journey Begins

Im just a girl living in Minneapolis trying to stay in the know! I mean who doesn’t want to be? If you’re trying to get the best of the best it’s a must! Little did I know it’s a lot more difficult then I thought! After spending hours reasesrching the best places for breakfast, ice cream, yoga, a facial blah blah blah you get it…  I’m still puzzled because none of the research I just did gave me any type of reassuring answer! I’m just trying to find the best of the best here, does it really have to be this hard?! Then I realized every other city has a blog informing their community in a raw respectable manner of the A list spots their city has to offer. Which led me here! My vision is to create a site that will highlight the best of minny and keep us all in the know of what this wonderful city has to offer!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton